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Fractal Universe is a French Progressive Metal Band founded in 2014 and signed to Metal Blade Records.

With their 2019's sophomore record Rhizomes Of Insanity, the band created one of the most musically, lyrically, and emotionally complex and compelling progressive metal works of the twenty-first century.


The band toured the record hard, joining heavyweights Obscura in February/March of 2020, making for one of the last tours in the world pre-pandemic, and in doing so sated their faithful while winning legions of new followers.


With its successor, The Impassable Horizon, they have gone even deeper, effortlessly following the trajectory they set themselves on to create an album that is riveting from start to finish.

"We wanted to keep developing our musical personality and the natural sound we managed to get on 'Rhizomes'," says drummer Clément Denys.

"It's a very versatile and complex album. Musically speaking, you will find catchy songs which are really direct, progressive and mysterious ballads with epic saxophone solos, and technical songs with intricate riffing." Elaborates vocalist/guitarist/saxophonist Vince Wilquin, "despite the record being even more diverse, dynamic and including more clean vocals than its predecessor, the overall atmosphere is also slightly darker and more melancholic."


And with the introduction of Wilquin's newly honed saxophone skills to their live set, alongside working with Gojira's Christian Andreu on their stage scenery and production, the band hit the road again for an extended European tour with Evergrey, and playing various festivals including Hellfest Open Air.

In 2023, with their appearance on 70000 Tons of Metal, the band made its debut shows outside the European continent, and is now on the verge of unleashing its 4th studio album.

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FRACTAL UNIVERSE is (from left to right):

Yohan Dully - Guitar

Vince Wilquin - Guitar / Vocals / Saxophone

Clément Denys - Drums

Valentin Pelletier – Bass

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