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New Music Video: "Rising Oblivion"

Fractal Universe launches new video for "Rising Oblivion".

Directed by Vincent Tournaud, this video was shot during their show at Place du Luxembourg (Thionville, France)

Watch the video here:

Earlier this year, Fractal Universe released their sophomore album "Rhizomes of Insanity", via Metal Blade Records.

To purchase and stream "Rhizomes of Insanity", please visit:

Fans can watch Fractal Universe's previously released videos at:

Fractal Universe tour dates:

July 6 - Limoges, France - Cannibal Corpse-Napalm DEATH-Fractal Universe

July 27 - Distroff, France - Met'Farm 2019

Aug. 18 - Colmar, France - Spirit in Black Ⅲ Bonfire • Festival • Colmar

Sept. 21 - Freyming, France - MetalEast Evening : Destinity - Deficiency - Fractal Universe

Nov. 30 - Audincourt, France - Betraying The Martyrs - Klone + Fractal Universe

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