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New Guitar Player: Yohan Dully

It’s time for us to introduce our new guitar player Yohan Dully, who absolutely nailed it on his first show with us yesterday night in Strasbourg

Yohan comments: ‘As a fan of Fractal Universe, becoming now part of this project is something special for me.

I'm really excited for what's coming next!’

We also wanna give a wholehearted ‘thank you’ to Hugo Florimond, who decided to leave the band a few months ago to pursue other endeavours in life! 

His involvement and dedication since the very first days of the band, back when it was just him and Vince jamming in a bedroom, has been beyond measure. 

If it wasn’t for his talent and hard work, never would we have got to play Europe’s biggest stages and travel across the world with some of our favorite artists! 

We remain close friends and wish him all the best for the future! 

Besides, you’ll still hear his stellar guitar work on the upcoming record!

Now, make sure to stay tuned for more news from the band soon!


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