A Clockwork Expectation' Guitar Riff Challenge

⚡All you aspiring shredders out there - listen up!

Vince has an assignment for you. Try your hand at the opening riff of our latest single, 'A Clockwork Expectation' for a chance to win a signed copy of our upcoming record!

☑Download the tab and a backing track here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tkx9cjzjxuaz481/AACSU0ob2NpNe919rCCeJZjea?dl=0

☑Upload your video to your fav social media platforms and use the hashtag #clockworkguitarchallenge

☑Don't forget to tag Fractal Universe!

☑Challenge open till 8:00PM (CET) on June 17th!

☑Best version will win a signed copy of our album, winner will be announced on June 18th!

Join Hugo and Vince on Twitch NOW for a complete lesson of the song:


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