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New Album "The Impassable Horizon" and New Single "A Clockwork Expectation"

Album artwork by: Shad

On June 25th, Fractal Universe will release their new album, The Impassable Horizon, via Metal Blade Records. For a first preview of the record, a video for the new single, "A Clockwork Expectation" (directed by Vincent Tournaud), can be viewed - where The Impassable Horizon can be pre-ordered on CD, vinyl, as well as digitally. Fans can also visit Fractal Universe's official store for additional vinyl and more:

Shot at Gouffre de Poudrey - France's largest equipped cave - Fractal Universe had this to say about the video for "A Clockwork Expectation": "We wanted this music video to be shot in a grandiose natural environment. It was a unique and unreal experience to spend two days all alone in the extreme conditions - seventy meters underground, 7°C - of this otherworldly beautiful location. In the middle section, we used UV light and customized the instruments accordingly, to give that part a particular dark vibe! The body-painting parts contributing to that atmosphere were designed by Kazim 2C."

The Impassable Horizon track-listing

1. Autopoiesis

2. A Clockwork Expectation

3. Interfering Spherical Scenes

4. Symmetrical Masquerade

5. Falls of the Earth

6. Withering Snowdrops

7. Black Sails of Melancholia

8. A Cosmological Arch

9. Epitaph

10. Godless Machinists

11. Flashes of Potentialities (Unplugged)

Photo credit: Anthony Dubois


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