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New video: "Tears of Misanthropy" Guitar Playthrough & This Week on Twitch

You made it! We've reached our donation goal on Twitch!

Now you can watch Hugo and Vince shred through the tune "Tears of Misanthropy" (with on-screen tabs!) off our debut EP "Boundaries of Reality"!

Tabs for that song (and much more) are available for all subscribers by joining our newsletter!

Who's up for a cover?

We'll make sure to share them on our social medias!

Speaking of Twitch!

This week will mark Valentin's return on the platform!

This Friday, our bass player will join forces with Vince, and give you a unique Fractal Universe set-list!

In addition, if you missed his last stream, catch up with Hugo performing "Engram of Decline" in its entirety this Wednesday!


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