"Rhizomes of Insanity" Full Live Show & Live Album Release

Today marks the release of the "Rhizomes of Insanity" Full Live Video and Digital Album!

The video and audio were recorded at Le Gueulard Plus in Nilvange, France, on April 19th 2019, during our album release show, during which we performed "Rhizomes of Insanity" in its entirety!

"Rhizomes Live" is also OUT NOW as a digital album on all streaming platforms!


1- Intro

2 - Oneiric Realisations

3 - Flashes of Potentialities

4 - Rising Oblivion

5 - A Reality to Foreclose

6 - Masterpiece's Parallelism

7 - Parabola of Silence

8 - Madness' Arabesques

9 - Architectural Aberrations

10 - Fundamental Dividing Principle

11 - Chiasmus of the Damned

12 - Sons of Ignorance

13 - Scar Legacy of Hatred

14- Decline


15 - Tears of Misanthropy

16 - Narcissistic Loop

Video credits:

Mix: Vince Wilquin

Mastering: Simon Muller

Video Editing: Clément Denys

FOH: Simon Muller

Lights: Gweltaz Helary

Video Shooting: Vincent Tournaud


Fabien Furter

Flavien Morel

Jonathan Eckly

Alexandre Dervieux

Artworks & Stage Scenery: Shad

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