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'The Impassable Horizon' is our most ambitious release to date and we hope that you will enjoy it! It's now available worldwide on all streaming platforms and for purchase at our store. ✨Special thank you to our long time producer Flavien Morel , for bringing the record to life; Arthur Massot , for another set of mind-bending lyrics, and Shad, who outdid himself on the artwork. ✨We also want to thank our label Metal Blade Records for their trust and continued help. ✨We would like to thank YOU for your unfailing support over the years and for sticking with us during these tiring months we've experienced.

Blast 'The Impassable Horizon', share it, stream it, buy it, leave us a comment to let us know your fav track! ➡ Merci / Thank you 🙏 Fractal Universe #fractaluniverse #releaseday #theimpassablehorizon #thankyou


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